Lototron for holding draws at events

A rotating transparent lottery drum is an absolutely indispensable item for prize draws, lottery promotions, as well as for holding all kinds of contests. When renting decor and accessories, do not forget about this item - and you will be able to diversify the scenario of your event.

When can the rental of accessories for your event include a lottery machine?

Prop rental for events is sometimes needed in shops or entertainment venues for promotions and events for advertising purposes. For example, it can be a solemn drawing of a prize among people who have become buyers of a certain product, or who have made a purchase on the opening day of a retail outlet, or who have bought products for a certain amount, etc. Then the lottery drum is the main “hero of the day”: after all, the winner of the prize must be chosen at random from those who equally fulfilled the conditions for participating in the draw. Papers with the names of all participants are lowered into the lottery drum, the drum is rotated and one of the folded notes is randomly taken out. The transparent walls of the lottery drum allow everyone to see that the result is not rigged - there are all pieces of paper inside, and the one that fell out is really random.

A holiday for rent can be arranged in honor of the anniversary of the shopping center, or on the occasion of the opening of a store, or on any significant date that matches the theme and range of your company. Then you may need to rent decor for a holiday and rent equipment for events. Pro100 Event will offer you everything you need, such as electronic candles for rent, chairs, etc. And the lottery drum can be used to hold a win-win lottery for all buyers or even just visitors that day. Then folded pieces of paper are placed inside the lottery drum, on which the names of gifts are written - the person himself turns the drum and “blindly” chooses a pleasant surprise for himself. According to the same principle, discounts for a perfect purchase can be drawn - that is, a lottery participant wins a discount for a certain percentage of the purchase amount.

Lotteries and drawings are appropriate for corporate parties for a large number of employees. It can be both entertainment with a share of humor and irony, such as drawing a gift for the “laziest employee”, etc., or drawing expensive gifts from the company.

And even at a wedding, the lottery drum can add variety to the scenario - after all, the entertainment program for guests usually includes various fun competitions, comic tasks, etc. Thanks to the lottery drum, you can come up with and hold interesting entertainment without the hackneyed wedding contests. For example, it makes sense to coordinate with the host a win-win lottery with memorable surprises for guests. And you can play some unique gift from grateful newlyweds, or even make some funny original wishes, fun tasks for guests that they will have to do for the sake of the newlyweds, etc. as objects of the draw. In a word, it is worth including the lottery drum in those accessories for the wedding, which you should not forget about and take into account when writing the script. Decor rental for weddings in Kharkiv, at the same time, of course, will include a standard package - floral decor, textiles, garland rental, chair rental, etc.

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Lottery drum rental for children's events

Renting decor and furniture for holidays designed for children should be supplemented with some play items so that there is something to keep the kids busy. But since it is non-pedagogical in most cases to play prizes among children “blindly”, because there will always be children who are offended by the results of a random choice, you can use the lottery drum differently.

For example, you can play not prizes, but “forfeits” tasks. Each child takes out a piece of paper from the lottery drum with a certain action to be done, a riddle to be guessed, etc. And according to the results of the correct performance of the tasks, the participants of the game are given gifts.

And by the way, do not forget that adults are sometimes completely not alien to children's fun and interesting games with elements of random choice. Therefore, the same "forfeits" with a lottery drum can easily be included in the scenario of a corporate party or, for example, a birthday.

And of course, Pro100 Event Agency will always offer you holiday decor rental, decorative lighting and other accessories.

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