A detail that will make the holiday warm and cozy - blankets

Rent of decor and furniture, rental of equipment for events, garlands and electronic candles for rent - all this, of course, is very important. But, no matter how beautiful the location is, no matter what delicious treats are served, the holiday will not be a success if the guests are cold. Warm blankets will save the situation - they can also be rented in the required quantity.

When arranging a holiday for rent, do not forget about warm blankets!

How to calculate how many blankets you need? The rental of props for events is carried out by the piece. The simplest idea is to recount the invited guests and rent a blanket per person. This is appropriate if it is assumed that all those present at the same time will be in the location where they may need blankets. For example, such a solution is suitable for organizing a film screening, a chamber concert or an open-air performance, for a picnic or barbecue. If, moreover, you need to rent chairs or bean bags, then the number of blankets should match the number of seats.

Renting a wedding decor can include blankets that will be useful to guests during an off-site ceremony or a photo walk with the newlyweds. And in this case, the number of blankets is calculated by the number of guests - even without reference to any seats.

But this calculation is not always logical. If the location for the holiday consists of a closed room and some kind of open area, and during the celebration some guests will be inside and others outside, then there may be fewer blankets than those invited. You can focus on those seating places that are on the summer terrace - these are chairs near tables, and benches, and bean bags, and swings, etc. Each of them can have one blanket - that is, the person occupying this place gets the opportunity to wrap himself up in it. 

The same principle can be applied to blankets in the interior - especially when you do not know the exact number of people who will come to the event. Decor and accessories, including blankets, are rented according to the number of tables and chairs. This is how it is calculated in how many items you need to rent a decor for a holiday without invitations or without confidence that exactly the number of people who received the invitations will come.

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Where can you need blankets for rent from Pro100 Event Agency?

Blankets for open-air events, even in the warm season, are very necessary. After all, often guests come to the beginning of the holiday in light clothes, because during the daytime in summer it can be hot. But closer to the night there comes a time of coolness, and people begin to freeze instead of continuing the fun. Therefore, blankets are irreplaceable accessories for a wedding, for celebrating an anniversary, for a corporate party and even for a prom.

Of course, blankets are needed for picnics and barbecues. If the rental of decor for a holiday in nature is usually needed in minimal quantities, then functional things are simply necessary. This is an important moment in taking care of the comfort of your guests who decide to come at your invitation and spend the day outdoors. Blankets are placed on garden furniture, and sometimes spread on the grass to sit on them.

Blankets are used outdoors and in winter. For example, if the holiday is held in a house with a courtyard and a veranda, guests can take blankets and wrap themselves in them, wanting to go out into the fresh air - take a walk, take pictures or, for example, smoke. Also, blankets are essential if you are planning to organize a winter picnic and want people to spend several hours outside.

Renting blankets can also solve a decorative problem. For example, if the venue for the event is a house, apartment, cafe, coworking space or other room where the furniture does not fit the aesthetics of the event you intended, then soft blankets in a single color scheme can be laid on sofas, armchairs and chairs. Such an idea will allow draping old, worn-out upholstered furniture, making hard seats more comfortable, conceptually combining multi-style and multi-colored seats in the interior.

In addition, renting accessories for your holiday in Kharkov will help you get interesting photos: for example, bright blankets can become part of the New Year's photo zone.

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