Colored smoke: a bright idea for an unusual holiday

Renting decor for a party, renting chairs, poufs and other useful items is, of course, necessary for a good event, but... Surely all the organizers would like to please the guests with something especially memorable. And colored smoke can be such a magical addition.

How to use Pro100 Event colored smoke?

To think through the use of colored smoke in certain scenario ideas, you need to understand how it works. To produce smoke, a smoke bomb is ignited. The color of the combustible material of the checker determines what color it will smoke.

The shape of a checker is a piece of tube that begins to burn at one end. You can hold it in your hands almost until the final moment of combustion - it does not heat up, does not spark, does not produce flames and is not explosive. You can also simply place the checker on the ground - it will not stop producing clouds of smoke. If there is wind outside or if a fan is used, then you need to place the checker on the upwind side - then the clouds of smoke will be exactly where you need them.

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The time it takes for one bomb to burn depends on its size, and standard colored smoke bombs burn for half a minute or a minute. During this time, the photographer may well have time to take a series of shots. But if there are a lot of smoke bombs, then they can be lit one at a time to make the photo shoot longer and more varied.

The smoke is not hazardous if inhaled. But its smell is not very pleasant, and a burning bomb leaves colored “splashes” on the floor - therefore, safety precautions when using colored smoke suggest that you can only light a smoke bomb outdoors, on the street, where there is a risk of damaging any objects and the floor covering exclude. For unusual colored lighting in your home, it is better to use rented electronic candles. Renting event props can also offer a variety of options for interesting decorative lights and garlands for universal purposes - and for the room. and for the street.

Equipment rentals for events sometimes include a fog machine. But it can only produce white smoke, and it needs to be connected to a source of electricity - accordingly, it additionally needs an electric generator outdoors.

How does colored smoke complement decor and accessories?

As for what color of smoke you will need, we recommend consulting with the decorator of your event and the photographer who will be working there.

The decorator will tell you how the accessories you choose for a wedding or other celebration will be combined with the smoke. The most common solution when organizing a rental holiday is to purchase a certain number of smoke bombs of the same color: the one that is predominant in the decor. This is appropriate, for example, at a corporate event - then you can choose the “corporate color” of the company, which is present on its logo and/or products. Renting decor for a holiday then also implies the predominance of this color.

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Renting decor for weddings is a case where most of the accessories are white. But usually they add some other “accent” color to it - red, blue, lilac, etc., or even two colors - for example, blue and yellow, lilac and orange. Accordingly, the smoke can be of these colors.

And sometimes the rental of decor and furniture is carried out without careful color selection, and the design is dominated by multicolor and variegation. This can happen at a children's party, birthday, street creative event, festival, etc. And then they buy smoke bombs of all available colors, setting them on fire all together or one at a time at different moments of the event.

Renting accessories for your party should also take into account how they will look in a photo or video. If you do not have a clear understanding of this issue, consult with a photographer or videographer - what color of smoke will be more effective in the frame, how it will look on a clear day or in light twilight, how it will shade people’s faces and clothes, etc.

The photographer’s opinion is especially important when colored smoke is purchased for an artistic photo shoot. Then the overall color of the location, the color of the model’s outfit and other details may matter.

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