The Party Will Be Held In Any Weather - Thanks To The Umbrella Rentals

A good holiday is one that cannot be spoiled by accidental circumstances, such as rain. If the celebration will take place in whole or in part in the open air, worry about the comfort of your guests - let the rental of accessories for your event include the rental of umbrellas.

Holiday rental: provide all the details!

Why you need to rent umbrellas in Kharkiv should be understood by every event organizer. If the festival is held outdoors or on a summer terrace without awnings and awnings, then the risk of rain should always be considered. Even on a rainy day or with a high probability of precipitation according to the weather forecast, it will never happen that absolutely all guests will have their own umbrellas. There will always be people for whom the opportunity to take an umbrella on the spot will be very helpful.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that if guests come with their own umbrellas, they will be of different colors, not always suitable for the style of the event, and even for the clothes of the guests themselves. Renting a decor for a holiday makes it possible to create a conceived color scheme in the design of a location - but the abundance of incongruous colorful umbrellas can spoil the overall impression. This problem is especially relevant for a photographer at an event.

Do not forget that the sun can also become a hindrance to an outdoor event in the summer - and being in the sun in the heat is both unpleasant and harmful for people. White umbrellas can do a great job of sun protection accessories.

Renting decor and furniture is not all you need for a stylish event. Rent umbrellas of the same color according to the number of guests, and you will be calm: meteorological troubles will not derail your plans!

At what events can umbrellas come in handy?

For example, at a wedding exit ceremony. When this solemn moment is carefully thought out, the rental of decor for weddings allows you to create very beautiful decorations, and the rental of chairs solves the problem of seating for all guests. But quickly transferring all the structures and furniture to the room, if the rain fell, is problematic, and shortening the ceremony is at least incorrect in relation to the newlyweds. Therefore, it is easier to distribute an umbrella to the guests.

In addition, the wedding traditionally involves such a part of the celebration as a walk through the beautiful places in the city. You don't need to rent a decor for a holiday on a walk, but umbrellas will come in handy - so that guests do not have to sit in cars or look for some shelter from the rain or hot sun while the newlyweds are photographed.

In addition, umbrellas can be very useful at business events. For example, if you need to meet a delegation and give these people a tour of an open area. When the weather interferes with your plans, it would be extremely tactless to force the guests of honor to spend time outdoors without umbrellas.

Also, umbrellas in rainy weather are always needed at the solemn meeting of guests. This may be the moment when guests get out of the car and have to walk some distance to the venue. Then the greeters either hold the umbrellas over them, or, in less formal cases, immediately give them into the hands of the guests. The same is true for ceremonial meetings of delegations at the airport.

And one more case when you need to think about umbrellas is public events in open areas. These are solemn "rulers" in educational institutions, press conferences, meetings with various media persons, etc. Umbrellas should be distributed at least to honored guests and to those who, due to their work duties, will have to be outside the premises in any weather.

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White umbrellas are unusual wedding accessories!

You don't have to wait for rain to use umbrellas for your celebration. White umbrellas can be a decorative accessory for a festive photoset. For example, at a wedding, you can make a beautiful photo session of the newlyweds with the guests - by giving them white umbrellas, which will create the concept of the frame. No matter what the guests are wearing, no matter what color wedding dress code is announced - white decor and accessories are always appropriate, and this also applies to umbrellas.

You can also take a picture with umbrellas at a bachelorette party - whatever the style of this event, the bridesmaids will certainly happily pose for an unusual photoset. By the way, Pro100 Event Agency can offer rental of props for events and photo projects - we have electronic candles for rent, garlands for rent and much more!

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