Stage to Rent: the show will take place where you want!

Noisy festival, unforgettable concert or other open-air event can be held literally “out of the blue”. Renting a stage with all the necessary equipment makes any organizational ideas come true - from a summer fest in a picturesque natural location to an event on a square, in a park, near a shopping and entertainment center, etc. Sometimes a scene is needed in a spacious but unequipped room - equipment rental for corporate parties and a podium stage will allow you to turn it into a location for a noisy party.

Stage and equipment rental for it: what is included in the kit?

Equipment rental for events in Kharkov not in all cases completely solves all technical problems. Because all the equipment needs to be placed or fixed somewhere, and in such a way that the goals of the correct distribution of sound, light or special effects are achieved. In addition, artists need a performance area that is above the level at which the audience is located - so that the performers can be seen from everywhere. In general, if the location is a flat area without a stage purpose, then a stage is needed.

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The stage itself consists of a sturdy podium and collapsible metal support structures that hold the roof above the stage. Lighting fixtures and equipment for special effects - the supports are quite reliable and the installation of equipment on them is safe. Pro100 Event Agency staff will help you mount the stage before the event and dismantle it after the end of the event. The installation process is not very complicated for experienced people, and takes several hours, that is, less than one working day. If the stage is set up in the morning, there will be time for the installation of equipment on it and the sound check of the artists before the performance.

Rental of equipment for a collapsible stage conditionally divided into three categories: sound equipment rental, lighting fixtures and special effects for rent. Which set of equipment to rent is always decided on a case-by-case basis. The set of equipment depends on the customer's requests, location features and the technical rider of the performing artists.

The minimum set of equipment always includes lighting devices with different beam widths, in such a quantity that the stage is illuminated from different points. They also always put concert speakers and subwoofers, as well as microphones and stands for them. You can expand the list of what the stage can be equipped with for a very long time - if you wish, you can install laser lighting installations for a light show, various equipment for obtaining stage special effects, as well as an extensive backline for live musical performance.

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Where is it possible to install a stage and what is needed for this?

A collapsible stage can be installed on almost any surface - on asphalt, on paving stones, even on a piece of ordinary soil - that is, simply on a flat meadow. If the stage is placed on paving slabs, then the tile will not be damaged. The real hindrance is perhaps a significant surface roughness in the intended location of the scene. It is also desirable that there are no pits, puddles, trees or any other objects in front of the stage that will prevent people from dancing and having fun.

But rental of equipment for parties and concerts always requires certain technical conditions, without which even a properly selected set of equipment does not guarantee that everything will connect and work as planned.

The main condition is the presence of a connection to the mains, which will withstand the voltage during the operation of all equipment.

If it is planned to hold an open-air in nature, outside the city, and the stage is set far from buildings and sockets, then additionally, power generators are needed that can provide all equipment with electricity throughout the event. When you need holiday equipment rental, our staff will help you figure out what power generators you need for your event.

There is also a legal nuance. If you want to organize an event in the city - on the street, in the park, etc., and set up a stage, then you will need to fill out an application for the event in the city council in advance and obtain permission.

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