Concert equipment according to technical riders of artists

The list of equipment that is necessary for the performance of a musical group, showing a theatrical performance or other spectacular performance, the artists always provide in advance to the organizer of the event who invited them. Renting equipment for events can sometimes be a daunting task, but Pro100 Event Agency will help you pick up all the items from the speakers' tech rider.

Who should rent an artist technical rider kit?

Equipment rental for holidays, concerts, festivals, open-airs and other events is something organizers should worry about. It is with them that performing artists enter into an agreement, and they are provided with a technical rider - as a prerequisite, without which the performance may not take place. Therefore, if you represent a concert agency or a company holding your corporate event, you can contact us, as we have sound, lighting and other concert equipment for rent. You will also need to rent equipment for parties with DJs and / or musicians when preparing a private event - a wedding, graduation, etc.

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But it happens that renting equipment for corporate parties or other events with performances by artists becomes the concern of those people at whose location the event will take place. So, a complete set of the necessary equipment for a rider may not be enough in an art club, in a restaurant, or at a concert venue - renting the missing one will help out.

And yet, alas, the situation is not ruled out when a musical group needs to find and rent equipment that is not at the disposal of the group for their concert. In reality, it happens that the team wants to organize a performance without inviting organizers, and independently agrees to rent a concert venue without the technical rider being performed by its owners. In Kharkov, in this case, representatives of the group can contact Pro100 Event Agency and take the equipment that will allow them to arrange a show.

The difficulty of a technical rider depends on the specifics of the music that will be performed live, as well as whether the performance includes any visual effects.

The easiest technical riders, usually limited to a simple backline, are in beginner groups with a small number of participants. But performers who claim to perform on big stages, along with music, sometimes create shows with special effects and lighting effects - and all this also requires special equipment.

The foundation of any technical rider is the backline for live music. It includes all types of speakers for broadcasting sound to the hall, as well as lower monitors for musicians. In addition, this includes microphones and amplifiers for musical instruments, tripods and stands, in-ear monitors and a drum kit.

All types of stage lighting can be delivered to your event, from spotlights and rotating heads to strobe lights and lasers. This assortment is enough for a show in a club, and for a theater stage, and for a portable street stage.

Sometimes the technical rider includes equipment for special effects. Our range includes safe special effects for rent. For example, a smoke gun - to create clouds of white smoke without an unpleasant odor; cannon-confetti - for the "rain" of shiny scraps of foil; spark device - for sheaves of sparks, etc. There are also special effects: a foam generator for parties with DJs by the pool, a soap bubble generator for children's shows, a fire generator for outdoor stages. Sometimes these devices are a direct part of the show, and then they are certainly written about in the rider. But sometimes representatives of the artists do not mention something, but it is implied by the format of the event. For example, the foam generator at the foam party may not be in the DJ rider, but the party will not take place without it.

Installation of all the equipment specified in the technical rider is also not a concern for the invited performers. As a rule, the musicians arrive and start the preliminary rehearsal or soundcheck already when all the equipment from the rider is fully installed, connected and ready for use - at the last moment, the personal musical instruments of the performers are connected. But if it is problematic for the organizers to understand the peculiarities of installing the equipment, our employees will be able to help with this by going to any site in Kharkov and its environs.

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