Crazy Dancer

Banal competitions and dance battles "boys against girls" have already become boring to everyone. We, event agencies and event organizers, want to surprise our clients and make non-banal holidays with non-banal interactives. And the attraction "Crazy Dancer" is a modern gadget that will help any presenter to make his program more intense and vibrant.

Looking for original wedding contests? Or entertainment for a corporate event? Or maybe it's your birthday and you want to have the brightest and a little "crazy" memories? All this is a great reason to order the Crazy Dancer attraction for rent and add spectacularity to your holiday.

What is the Crazy Dancer attraction?

So, how does this miracle device work and what is its peculiarity. It is based on the principle of operation of the pedometer: the device measures the number of movements. Only in this case, he measures not the number of steps, but the number of movements ... with his head. Yes, yes, just head movements. During the dance, the participants will have to work hard to come up with the most effective way to earn points.

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What is the advantage of renting a Crazy Dancer ride:

  • This is a modern props for competitions. If you have a lot of young people at the party, they will definitely appreciate this form of digitalization.
  • Unlimited number of participants: The competition props rental kit includes several devices that are very easy to put on. This means that as many people as they want can participate in the competition.
  • Very easy to use. You won’t have to figure out how an attraction or activity rental point works for a long time. Just relax and have fun!
  • Attraction for children and adults, the device is mounted on elastic bands, which means that guests of any age can take part. Very often, children set a good pace even for older and more experienced dancers!
  • The price of an attraction in Kharkov at Pro100 Event is always the maximum combination of the quality of the service and its cost.

What kind of holiday is this entertainment suitable for?

Some attractions and interactive zones are purely thematic, or have some restrictions on the location for holding. The Crazy Dancer game is universal in this regard.

At the wedding banquet, when the guests have already relaxed, this original entertainment will add a touch of humor to the gala evening. If you order attractions for a corporate party, then a serious competition between employees for the title of the best dancer of the company can flare up. In addition, this competition is always interesting to watch, which means you can involve more guests. This works great when it comes to organizing a corporate party for a large company. The more guests you can use in one zone, the more you can optimize the corporate budget.

Children's holidays are a special category, but even here Crazy Dancer for hire can come to the rescue. After all, children are always especially mobile and it is important to alternate different types of activity so that they have fun, but at the same time, the holiday does not get out of control. As an active entertainment for children, a dance attraction is perfect.

If you did not find answers to your questions on our website, or want to get a free detailed consultation, we are always happy to communicate with our customers. For Prosto Ivent, celebrating is a way of life.

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