You are hosting an outdoor party and want all the guests to have fun. Recommended steerable car racing - a cool activity that will interest both children and adults. Drive, courage, competitive spirit - your friends and colleagues will remember this entertainment for a very long time!

RC car racing for rent

You do not need to buy cars, build a racing track and teach guests the intricacies of control. All this will be done by the team Pro100 Event Agency. We will arrive at the location in advance, bring all the necessary equipment for the holiday and hold a master class. To equip the track, you only need a flat piece of land. Right on the spot, we will decide on the configuration of the track, make a conditional “road” marking, designate the start and finish. At the request of the customer, our presenter can comment on the race to create an atmosphere of "Formula 1".

5 reasons to rent races in Kharkiv:

  1. Unbanal entertainment - Cool drive in steerable cars interesting to people of any age and social status. This activity unites and guarantees thrills!
  1. No hassle to install — Rc cars for rent even ride on sand! If the holiday takes place by the river or in the forest, this is not a reason to refuse racing.
  1. Suitable for any event — Children's holiday, corporate, Birthday, stag parties, team building, even wedding — racers will be welcome everywhere!
  1. You only need to be present - Relax, chat with friends, and we will bring, collect, train and take back everything you need.
  1. Affordable prices — Attractions for rent from Pro100 Event Agency even students can afford.

To order driving races in Kharkov, connect with Pro100 Event Agency. We will make your holiday fun and memorable!

Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • installation and dismantling of the route
  • maintenance of the race track by an instructor

Technical requirements:

  • socket 220 W
  • flat area for setting up a podium or track
  • playground 5.5 x 4.5 meters


  • commentator / competition leader
  • painting and branding of car models
  • photographers Service


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