Are you planning a corporate holiday or an anniversary of a gambling friend? Our event agency in Kharkiv offers you the rental of rides for private holidays and company events. One of the most popular and most sought-after attractions for the holiday is the Wheel of Fortune. This game is over five thousand years old. It was invented in ancient Egypt and hundreds of people around the world still enjoy this entertainment.

The wheel of fortune will be a good addition to any interactive zone at an event in honor of a birthday or company holiday. If you have an original idea about how you can transform the rules of the game or how to diversify the Wheel of Fortune, we are always ready to make all your wildest fantasies come true. Our "Pro100 Event Agency" is not afraid of challenging tasks!

What is the essence of the attraction "Wheel of Fortune"?

According to its content, the Wheel of Fortune is an inverted drum with divisions and a game table. All participants in the game can bet from one chip to the amount limited only by their gaming budget. Then the animator or croupier spins the drum and the marker stops at one of the divisions. The rarer this mark is, the higher your winnings.

Similar entertainment on corporate or Birthday in the style of gangsters or fan casinos always cheer up and whet the appetite of all guests. You can order the Wheel of Fortune and not worry about the fact that guests will have nothing to do during the gathering or the urgent pause.

Rental time: 4 hours

Included in the price:

  • Wheel of Fortune game
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • game table


  • delivery outside of Kharkov is calculated separately
  • animator

How to diversify the traditional game with the wheel of fortune?

The Wheel of Fortune for rent is an unusual attraction that can be adapted to your needs and the theme of the event. You can develop a special game currency named after a company or a birthday person. And at the end of the evening, give out prizes to those who have collected the most of this currency. In addition, such banknotes are in themselves a souvenir for guests.

Centered rides for corporate parties for rent we can put the logo or company name. This way you can easily get a branded activity point. Also, instead of game divisions with numbers, our event managers can paste images of prizes. So the wheel of fortune turns into an instant lottery in which your employees or guests can win small gifts here and now.

What is included in the price of the attraction?

The cost of entertainment for the company includes the rental of the Wheel of Fortune game, the installation and dismantling of gaming equipment. The indisputable advantage of this attraction is that, in fact, it does not need any additional equipment or even an electrical connection. The only thing you will need is a table for the game. If you want the activity point to look as similar as possible to a real casino, you can order a gaming table rental.

In order for the game to be fun, bright and according to the rules, you will also need an animator. This person will be in the form of a croupier to lead the game and maintain the atmosphere in the interactive zone. Check the cost of the animator's work with the managers of our organization for holding and accompanying the holidays.

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