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Renting games for a holiday is an economical, rational and very successful solution for those who are looking for a way to diversify the leisure time of their guests during a corporate party, birthday or any other holiday.

Here at Prosto Event you can rent an attraction of any complexity and find entertainment on a variety of topics. The most modern games: x-box, rides with augmented reality for rent, virtual glasses and much more are waiting for your call. We do not forget about the classics among the activity points for rent, such as ka beer pong, table hockey or football, mini-golf.

One of the games that has already become a classic is cubes with letters. The rules of the game are extremely simple. Most of us have seen an example of this entertainment in the television program - "Who is the beast?".

How to play the dice game?

The host or animator gathers two teams of 4 people. A cube made of foam rubber and fabric is put on each of the participants, which guarantees safety. The host asks questions to the participants, the answer to which consists of 4 letters: mountain, hole, horns, and so on.

Letters are written on the planes of the cube and the task of the participants is to collect the guess words as quickly as possible. The team that scores more points wins. By ordering the game "Cubes with Letters" for rent, you can easily solve the problem of how to entertain guests.

After all, we are all already bored with banal gatherings in cafes and we want diversity, organization of holidays at the highest level. We at the event agency Pro100 Even Agency know 1000 and 1 ways to diversify your events. And the rental of attractions is one of the solutions.

Rental time: up to 6 hours.

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • specialist work

Technical requirements:

  • connection to 220 V is not required
  • do not throw into fire and water


  • delivery in Ukraine is calculated separately
  • photographers Service

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  • For a corporate holiday. A game of dice at a corporate party is an opportunity to arrange a competition between departments, or men and women in a team. Despite the competition that arises, everyone gets pleasure and good emotions.
  • For Wedding. Good wedding contests are one of the essential components of a good wedding banquet. To order cubes for rent is to increase the quality of competitions at times.
  • For birthday. A holiday at 20, and at 30, and at 60 years old is a time when you can and want to be a child for a while. And rent of attractions gives such possibility.

You can order both the rental of cubes with letters, and the full organization of the holiday. The banquet host, who is well acquainted with our arsenal, will help you choose the best entertainment options and choose the format that suits your company.

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