little pigs evoke positive emotions in and of themselves. Chubby, perky, a little clumsy - it's a pleasure to watch these animals! Attraction "Pig race" will be an unexpected twist in the scenario of a corporate party, bachelor party or anniversary. Just imagine the reaction of the guests when we bring such entertainment to the festive location!

Pig racing is a popular attraction in Kharkov

Attraction more suitable for outdoor activities. For organization pig race a small area is needed: approximately 3x7 m. Ideally, when it is covered with grass or soft sawdust. If the event takes place indoors, we equip an aviary with artificial grass.

We will install a fence and the necessary equipment, conduct a briefing and launch several cute running piglets. The host will give the go-ahead, and the four-legged athletes will start the marathon! You will see that piglets can not only eat and wallow in puddles. They are gambling and purposeful, like real runners!

Rental time: up to 4 hours

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • work of an instructor
  • full set of necessary equipment
  • 4 running piglets

Technical requirements:

  • Playground 3 x 7 m.


  • shipping is calculated separately
  • photographers Service

Where to order Pig racing in Kharkiv

In the arsenal Pro100 Event Agency the most popular holiday attractions, including pig race. We will arrive at the location on time, install "running tracks" and bring the best grunting athletes. In addition to the instructor, we can provide you with a competition leader. Believe me, a little humor and sharp comments will only enhance the fun atmosphere of the race! We also offer to dress the pigs in skirts or T-shirts with numbers or your company logo to make the show even more like a real competition.

Our clients often order Pig racing for rent, because they simultaneously act as a show element of the program and a game of chance. Make symbolic bets on pigs and see which side is lucky. Well, after the competition you will find a fun photo shoot with cute runners.

To order Pig racingcontact us in a convenient way. We promise to deliver the cleanest and most athletic runners to the delight of your guests.

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