Each company, like each holiday, has its own “spirit”. This is the atmosphere that is most comfortable for all participants or employees. Those things and those activities. Which bring maximum pleasure and comfort. During a corporate party in nature, we suggest you order an interactive zone that will give maximum emotions and positive impressions to all players.

Booking a medieval shooting gallery for an event outside the city is actually a must have for all those companies that seek to encourage active recreation and the lifestyle of employees in general. This point of activity is an opportunity to learn new skills, test your accuracy and strengthen relationships within the team. You can even arrange small competitions in archery or crossbow shooting.

The price of a medieval shooting gallery for rent: what is included?

Many clients of "Pro100 Event Agency" with rental of activity points or ordering rides for a corporate party I'm wondering what's included in the rental price. Warning this question, we want to say that the rent of a shooting gallery is: 2 bows and 2 crossbows, 4 targets and 4 shooting stands. It is important that the instructor's work is also included in the price, as our agency is concerned about your safety and the safety of your leisure.

We also carry out installation and dismantling of equipment. That is, when you come to the site, you get a ready-made attraction that you can use. And after the holiday, at a prearranged time, we independently load the equipment. Book rides for an event with us is to provide yourself with high-quality interactive zones without additional costs and nerves.

Rental time: 5 o'clock

Included in the price:

  • 4 targets
  • 4 racks
  • 2 crossbows
  • 2 bows
  • Instructor
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • Playground 5 x 5 m
  • flat ground

What else is good for renting a medieval shooting gallery?

We all know that corporate events are aimed not only at entertaining employees, but also at maintaining the spirit of unity, building respect and love for the company in which you work. That is why many of our customers additionally order branding of shooting range equipment.

And, of course, shooting in a medieval shooting range is a good reason to take a couple of photos and make a video. That is why ordering a photographer and videographer to shoot at the location where the activity is held is an important detail that cannot be refused. You will receive bright, lively, emotional photos or videos that will help keep you in the mood for long weeks and even months of work.

If you have any questions regarding the use or provision of the site, we are ready to answer them by phone or at a meeting in our office. We offer not only rental of activity points, but also a comprehensive organization of turnkey events.

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