cockroach race

Did you think that cockroach race Is this entertainment only available in Asian countries? But no! Pro100 Event Agency will bring you this unusual attraction for any holiday or corporate. Just imagine how surprised your friends will be when the mustachioed runners take their places at the finish line!

Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • work of an instructor
  • 4 running mice

Technical requirements:

  • Playground 1 x 2.5 m.


  • delivery is calculated separately

Cockroach racing for hire - an attraction for the most daring

The girls will surely squeal in horror, and the men will laugh and cheer for their “athletes”. Fun guaranteed! How it will be:

  1. At the agreed time and place, we will bring everything you need for the race:
    - a special table;
    — tools for installation and dismantling of equipment;
    - specially trained running cockroaches.
  1. Our instructor will train those present, run the race and comment on the process.
  2. Guests will choose their cockroach (you can even give them names), place your bets and the race will begin! You can hold a qualifying round, semi-finals and finals. Everything is like in a big sport.
  3. Applause and awarding the mustachioed winner.

Cockroach races for rent in Kharkiv - thrills are guaranteed!

Not the cockroaches that you run around the kitchen with a slipper take part in the race. These are quite large individuals - real athletes with a developed spirit of competition. They put on a real show!

To establish attraction it does not take much space, and the table itself is covered with a net so that the athletes do not run away. We recommend ordering cockroach racing for hireto diversify the program bachelor party, Birthday or corporate party. This is no less gambling entertainment than a casino. Party guests will remember this attraction for a long time.

Want to rent cockroach races in Kharkov? Pro100 Event Agency will come to the rescue! We will bring, train, make a splash at your holiday!

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