Smarties and Drunkards - A Merry Attraction for the Holiday.

Meet the new drinking game from Pro100 Event Agency! Smarties and drunkards are both a test of intelligence and a test of strength in a “collision” with unlimited alcohol. If you are looking for cool and inexpensive entertainment for the holiday, we are at your service!

Smarties and drunkards - what is the essence of the game?

The attraction became known to a wide audience after Ivan Urgant and Nastya Ivleeva became its participants. TV presenters staged a real intellectual battle on the air, reinforcing the wrong answers with a shot of tequila.

So, how does the game of Smarties and Drunkards work? Two or three players and a leader are required. There are 3 lanes on the floor in front of the players. On the red carpet of 2 steps, you have no room for error. On the yellow path of 3 steps, you can make a mistake once, and on the green of 4 steps - 2 times. A professional host for the holiday asks questions to the players in turn. For the correct answer, the player takes a step forward, and his opponent drinks a glass of alcohol. For a wrong answer, the player drinks himself. The first person to reach the end of their path wins.

Why is it worth renting an attraction for a holiday?

Smarties and Drunkards is a fairly new entertainment, so you have every chance to surprise your guests. Any location is suitable for the attraction: from a banquet hall to an outdoor area. All you need is a level surface and a host with a good sense of humor.

Smarties and Drunkards is a cool attraction for a corporate party, team building, stag or hen party. Everyone will laugh: from the players themselves to everyone around them. The complexity of the questions depends on the insidiousness of the host: if he wants to quickly get the players drunk, the questions will not be easy!

Where can I rent an attraction for a holiday?

No need to cut out tracks from colored paper and draw numbers by hand. Pro100 Event Agency will bring everything you need, including the presenter. We rent rides in Kharkov for a few hours, and then we pick up the props. All organizational issues are on us, and you only have to pay and have a sincere desire to have fun.

Want to play Smarties and Drunkards? Contact Pro100 Event Agency. Organization of holidays in Kharkov with cool entertainment is our main mission!

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