The gaming area and attractions are constantly updated and improved. If earlier it was only wooden games or board games for a company, today there are many options for how to entertain a company in a technologically and colorful way.

One of the latest updates from the event agency Pro100 Event is Viar Boxing. This game for rent for a corporate event or birthday is perfect for a predominantly male company. Although, as practice shows, girls don’t mind sparring if it’s safe.

How does VR box rental technology work?

Like many modern games, virtual boxing is a story from the creation of virtual reality. Due to the great detail and attention of the developers to all, even small, moments, you get the effect of complete immersion in the game and can fully enjoy the “battle” without the likelihood of being left with bruises:

  • Several sets of gaming equipment in the Simply Event arsenal will allow you to have fun even in a large company. Of course, if you decide to book an attraction for an event, you should understand its capacity. This means that it is very important to have several points of activity if several people cannot take part in the game at the same time.
  • Completely safe entertainment for children and adults. Of course, real boxing is a sport that is often fraught with injuries. If you decide to rent a virtual box, then the likelihood of injury is minimal. Unless you run away from the enemy.

Different difficulty levels and complete immersion. We work only with the highest quality equipment, which means we make sure that any game you decide to order will bring you maximum fun and enjoyment. In the virtual boxing game you can choose a suitable opponent and even an arena to your liking.


Rental time: up to 4 hours.

Included in the price:

  • attraction
  • assembly and disassembly

Technical requirements:

  • flat ground


  • Instructor
  • delivery is calculated separately

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Entertainment based on virtual and augmented reality technologies has already gained a foothold in the event services market in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine. But despite this, they still continue to impress and cause a wow effect.

Is virtual boxing a game for a corporate party and nothing more?

In most cases, when we talk about nanotechnology and video games, the first place of use that comes to mind is a corporate setting for an IT company.

And yes, you will be absolutely right if you say that VR box rental is best suited for this type of event. But not only:

  • For a teenager's birthday. Birthdays of children 12-16 years old are the most difficult holidays, because it is not easy to please children who are no longer children, but not yet adults. And to make your teenager’s birthday fun, you can diversify it with virtual games.
  • For a birthday or New Year's party. Booking attractions for a holiday would also be a good idea if your timing includes music and smoking breaks. This will give guests something to do and a safe place to experience. And besides, it’s quite funny to watch)

For meeting classmates or just getting together in a group. It is becoming increasingly popular to celebrate warm meetings with friends in something unusual and interesting. After all, chips and football are already boring. So ordering a Viar box home might also be a good idea.

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