VR Music Jedi

Virtual reality has rapidly burst into the field of events. Various VR attractions for the holiday are becoming more popular every month. And this is understandable: people want to look into the future and feel like the hero of a science fiction film. We recommend everyone to order the Music Jedi VR game for a festive event to surprise your guests.

Music Jedi VR - what is the essence of the attraction?

If you have played Fruit Ninja or Guitar Hero at least once, then you will immediately understand what the point is. If you haven't played, then we'll tell you everything. So, the player puts on a virtual reality helmet and picks up joystick swords. Cubes begin to fly at the player in a beat of rhythmic music. The task is to "cut" the cubes with a laser sword. The stronger and clearer the player's blow, the more dynamic the track turns out and the more points it gets.

Playing a musical VR Jedi for a holiday in Kharkov, you simultaneously play the role of a fashionable DJ and a clever Jedi. With each strike of the laser sword, you will hone your skills to "sound" even more fun and dynamic. People around you will watch your game on the big screen. What's more, the spectacle is enhanced by loud music and light shows!

Where can I rent the Music Jedi VR?

In the arsenal of Pro100 Event Agency there are any attractions for rent for a holiday. We will bring a complete set of equipment for the musical Jedi:

  • VR helmet with joysticks;
  • sound and light equipment;
  • monitor;
  • system unit;
  • prefabricated stand for the installation of the attraction.

The engineer will install and configure the equipment, and the operator will advise the players. You can rent a musical Jedi attraction for any time and event.

The Musical Jedi is a popular holiday attraction.

Musical Jedi VR conquers everyone, regardless of age, gender and position. This entertainment plunges into childhood, charges with drive not only the player, but also everyone around him.

If you want to rent an attraction for a corporate, wedding or other event, contact the Pro100 Event Agency team. We will deliver and configure the equipment, hold a master class and do our best to ensure that you get the most out of the Musical Jedi.

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