Every year it becomes more and more difficult to come up with an interesting script for your own birthday. Traditional feasts with friends at home or in a restaurant have become commonplace. Celebrate the holiday in nature the weather does not always allow, and not everyone can afford to fly abroad. Exit - book a birthday show. The Pro100 Event Agency team will figure out how to diversify the party.

Show program for birthday:

  1. Bartender show — Entrust alcohol to a professional! Before your eyes, an experienced bartender will create cocktails, juggle bottles and glasses, mix, set fire and even dance! The fun action will captivate the guests, and after its completion, everyone will take part in the tasting of author's cocktails.
  1. fire show — Fiery anniversary show will be remembered for a long time! It will need an open area on the street. As soon as it gets dark, the fire casters will show fantastic numbers.
  1. Paper show Have you ever danced in tons of shiny paper? Then you need order a show program for your holiday! This entertainment will appeal to both adults and children!
  1. Sand animation - Creating sand paintings is a fascinating act! Under the musical accompaniment in front of the guests, the artist will paint with thousands of grains of sand. And it can be a portrait of the birthday boy!

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  1. Laserman “Young people love the performance of the laserman!” Laser show will complement the disco and make Birthday in Kharkov as cool as anywhere in Ibiza!
  1. Magician - Performance by a magician - popular children's party showbut adults will love it too. He can perform a one-time performance on an impromptu stage or approach guests and show individual tricks.

Where to order a show in Kharkov

For more than 5 years we have been holding holidays of various formats. We work with any budget and always provide a choice multiple show options. Contact us a couple of weeks before the birthday, and we will advise which artists and numbers can diversify the holiday.

Do you want to show program for the anniversary conquered all the guests? Then it gets down to business Pro100 Event Agency!

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