Baby's first birthday is an important holiday for parents. Perhaps the child will not understand why there is so much fuss around him. But the main thing is to create an atmosphere of joy, surround the birthday man with attention and take memorable photos. Pro100 Event Agency hold a touching and very beautiful children's holidaythat will be remembered by your whole family for a long time.

We will create a fairy tale for your child!

Organizing a holiday on your own takes a lot of time, and the result can be the most unpredictable. We spent a lot holiday events and created our own directory of reliable artists, animators, decorators, photographers and operators. Our team will not let you down!

Recipe for an unforgettable holiday:

  1. Festive decor - Flags, balls, sparkles, paper or real flowers - the imagination of our decorators is limitless! We will decorate the room where the celebration will take place, in accordance with your wishes or the theme of the holiday. If you wish to spend themed children's birthday, we will suggest interesting scenarios. It can be a party based on fairy tales or cartoons, or a holiday in a certain color scheme.
  1. candy bar What holiday is complete without sweets? Even if the birthday boy cannot eat a lot of sweets, little guests will be happy to try cakes or cupcakes. In the center of the table will be a birthday cake with the number 1.
  1. Photozone - A beautifully designed photo zone will allow all guests to get spectacular photos from the holiday, and this is a memory for a lifetime!
  1. Animators - Children's animator will take care of the little guests: come up with contests and entertainment, hold a costume show with dances and songs. Also animator it will help to interestingly implement various traditions, such as choosing a profession or cutting hair for a birthday person.
  1. Artists - If you want to celebrate a children's birthday on a larger scale, you can use artists of different genres: clowns, vocalists, magicians, dancers, etc. This program will be interesting for both adults and children.

Pro100 Event Agency — professionals in holding children's parties in Kharkov, devoted to their work. We listen to all the wishes of customers and work in such a way that each guest remembers the party with warmth in his soul.


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