Air balloons Is the easiest and fastest way to give any room a festive atmosphere. Children are sincerely happy with this decor, and adults are happy to return to childhood. We offer you a creative way to decorate a festive location - combined decoration with balloons, flowers and garlands.


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5 reasons to order a combined design from Pro100 Event Agency:

  1. Suitable for any event - We will select the right balloons for each type of event. For instance, for the wedding fit balloon arch combined with fresh flowers. On the presentation or advertising campaign - laconic balloons with company logo and checkboxes. And on children's party everything will be appropriate: and fairy lights, and checkboxes, and balls in the form of cartoon characters.
  1. We work 24/7 - It doesn't matter what day of the week is on the calendar and what time is on the clock. Our task is decorate your holiday just the way you dreamed!
  1. IN our team only experienced decorators — Combined decoration with balls, flowers, textiles and other decorative elements requires good taste and craftsmanship. Only professional decorators will be able to harmoniously combine different textures, colors and support the overall style of the celebration.
  1. We will adapt to any budget - We have the most inexpensive balloons in Kharkov, so we can easily find a decor option for your budget.
  1. High quality and modern decor - We follow the trends in the event industry and always know what kind of decor is in fashion at a given time. We only sell quality balloons any shapes and colors that fly for a long time and do not harm the environment.

With Pro100 Event Agency, any location will become fabulous!

Why stop only at balls, if you can embody the most creative ideas for decorating your holiday! We are ready to create for you!

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