is coming Child's birthdayand you still haven't come up with an interesting scenario? Pro100 Event Agency save the holiday! We propose to combine theme party with a trip to the Party Bus. But it will not be a simple party bass, but Mega-Hummer - the most fun and comfortable disco on wheels!

What is a Mega Hammer?

The Mega-Hummer is a roomy party bus that even adults can stand upright in. It is equipped with a powerful audio system, light and laser special effects. Inside there is a dance floor, soft sofas and even a "summer playground". In Mega-Hummer children's party will turn into a bright clip, with dances, songs and a sweet table.

First, we will discuss the theme of the party. It can be a disco-style holiday, a colorful party or even a quest. Animators, magicians, mimes and other artists will diversify the celebration. And, of course, a photographer will work on board the Party Bus, who will capture the most colorful moments.

5 reasons to order a children's party in Mega-Hummer:

  1. Non-standard scenario - The birthday boy and his guests will be delighted, because not every child can boast of such cool birthday!
  1. Any theme to choose from - Party guests can be superheroes, cartoon characters, dancers, musicians and other artists. Pick a theme and do the rest Pro100 Event Agency.
  1. active holiday — Why be bored sitting at a sweet table if you can have fun in Mega-Hummer! Children will dance, sing, play with animators and pose for the camera.
  1. Walk around the city - You can build a route so that the Mega-Hummer passes by the favorite places of the birthday boy.
  1. Turnkey holidayOrganization of children's birthday falls entirely on our team. Relax and accept congratulations while we entertain the birthday boy and his friends.

Holiday in Mega-Hummer is an opportunity to feel like a celebrity and surprise your friends. This is the most fun and creative option. celebrate children's birthday!


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