Amazing robocars are always ready to help

Who are robocars, even the smallest children know well. These brave machines keep order in the whole city and save those who are in trouble. Each member of their team is important - a police car, a fire engine, an ambulance and a helicopter. On a holiday to your kid, you can call the brightest and favorite characters for children - animators Poli Robocar and Amber.

The brave guardian of the law Poli Robocar always tries to teach children the basic rules of behavior on the road and attentiveness so that no one gets into an unpleasant situation. And although he is a policeman and must be strict, he cannot resist the childish charm. The children will quickly learn the rules of the road and the operation of the traffic light with the hero of their favorite cartoon, especially if they know that the whole holiday depends on their actions.

But what to do when one of the robocars gets into trouble?! For this, like people, there is an ambulance in the town of Broome. Our animator Amber knows a lot of games and interesting contests that will make kids who love robocars really excited. She is kind, sympathetic and always comes to the aid of cars that have something broken. Amber will gladly share these good qualities with all the little participants in the celebration.

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