Does your daughter pretend to be Princess Leia? Does the son reincarnate as Luke Skywalker or Dite Vader? Then we recommend giving the child Birthday party in the style of Star Wars. Pro100 Event Agency will create the necessary surroundings so that the birthday boy and his little guests are completely immersed in the vicissitudes of their favorite film.

How to organize a Star Wars children's party:

  1. Decor - The party starts with invitations. Our designers will decorate them in the style of the film. Before the celebration, we will decorate the room or the banquet hall with flags, posters, balloons with the name of the movie or the names of the characters, cardboard planets. Even napkins and dishes will match the theme.
  1. ArtistsChildren's Birthday will go with a bang if Darth Vader himself takes out a birthday cake, and Master Yoda teaches the kids cool tricks. Chewbacca, C-Threepio, stormtroopers - our animators will transform into any character for the joy of the birthday boy.
  1. Photozone - On a spectacular photo zone, you will get amazing photos. It can be a stylish poster, a starry sky with planets and a movie logo, cardboard characters that you can hug, signs with quotes and much more.
  1. Contests — Fights with laser swords in Jedi cloaks, exciting quests, a piñata with candies in the shape of the Death Star — we will come up with a lot of activities. All kids will receive medals and diplomas for bravery.
  1. candy bar - How happy the kids will be when they see Yoda-shaped cookies or sweet stormtrooper figurines! Well, a themed cake in the form of a spaceship or Sea-Tripio will fill Child's birthday sincere delight!

May the Pro100 Event Agency be with you!

         We do not just organize a party based on Star Wars, but recreate the atmosphere of cult movies. Thanks to decor, music and animators, kids will pretend to be characters from their favorite episodes.

         Organization of a children's birthday will be on top, because it takes Pro100 Event Agency!


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