An individual quest is a TOP service from Pro100 Event Agency!

A close-knit team is the key to successful work of both a small company and a large corporation. When employees are inspired and motivated, they complete tasks of any complexity! How to make a team more productive? Order a fun team building in nature in the format of a quest at Pro100 Event Agency!

How is the quest for a company in Kharkov

For each team, we come up with an individual quest scenario so that each employee can show their abilities and interact with their colleagues to the maximum. Then we choose a beautiful location in nature. It can be a picturesque meadow by the lake, the territory of a golf club or a recreation center. The main thing is fresh air, lots of greenery and picturesque views.

The host divides the quest participants into 2 teams and gives hints that help to find the main task. Well, then the fun begins! Teams compete with each other, pass various tests for logic, physical fitness, creativity and team building in order to reach the final and complete the task.

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team building in the quest format is filled with mobile activities and exclusive games like gigapong and frisbee golf. We try to alternate tests so that the participants can take a break, and then join the battle with renewed vigor. For example, after a dance battle, you can play board games and work your head a little. Then test yourself for accuracy in the shooting range, and then break into a football mini-match.

Within the framework of one quest, participants dance, run, jump, connect logic, flexibility, and physical training. And all this with cheerful music, funny comments of the presenter and stunning nature in the background. After such a rest, the guys return to the offices inspired!

The team quest is the most requested team building in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. This is an opportunity to relax your body and soul, get to know your colleagues better and relieve accumulated stress.

Pro100 Event Agency will be happy to organize for you individual team building!

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