As soon as the first snow falls from the sky, all the child's thoughts are only about the New Year's holidays. Children try to behave themselves in order to receive cherished gifts. And the adults promise that the main characters of the New Year's fairy tale will visit them very soon. Do you want to give your child magic? Pro100 Event Agency will come to the rescue! Hurry order Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in Kharkov!

Order Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in Kharkov

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5 reasons to trust Pro100 Event Agency:

  1. Talented actors - Children are able to recognize falsehood from the first seconds of communication, so we cooperate with professional actors. They masterfully improvise and find a common language with children of different ages.
  1. Spectacular costumes and props - Our artists are masters of transformation! High-quality costumes help them to flawlessly get used to the role. None of the kids will suspect a trick. Artists will take firecrackers, confetti, sweet gifts and photo props.
  1. Exciting scenarios - We will create an original script for one child or adapt to the wishes of an entire class at school or a group in a kindergarten. Our funny Santa Claus and Snegurochka Kharkiv will congratulate the children, hold entertaining contests with gifts. They skillfully create a fabulous atmosphere and convey all the magic of the New Year.
  1. Show of any level - Our team will easily arrange a New Year's party with musicians, dancers, special effects and decorations. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to order will become part of an entertaining show program for children of any age. But if you only need congratulations from the artists, we will take on such an order. We will also provide a photographer and videographer, arrange a festive photo zone so that you will have a memory of this day in the form of beautiful photos and a video.
  1. We will come even to the ends of the world - Call Santa Claus and his granddaughter home or to the country house, to school or kindergarten, to a park or a restaurant. A team of reindeer will bring our artists anywhere in the world for the sake of happy children's smiles.

Fabulous New Year with Pro100 Event Agency!

A little more - and the festive atmosphere will fill the whole city! Lights will shine, Christmas trees will put on sparkling decorations, and children will begin to learn rhymes in anticipation of gifts.

Contact us in advance - and Santa Claus and Snow Maiden at home will come so that the kids receive gifts and continue to believe in miracles. Our responsible and creative team is ready to fulfill children's dreams!

Pro100 Event Agency: with us the New Year will be even brighter!

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