Cinema for two

Where to go on a date? For many of us, the answer is obvious - if a date, then date at the cinema.

Yes, it's hard to disagree romantic movie date is always a good idea for two people in love. However, has it ever happened that you wanted to be in a movie just the two of you? Watch your favorite movie on the big screen, enjoy hugs with your loved one so that no one bothers you?

The organizer of the brightest holidays and deeds in Kharkov "Pro100 Event Agency" offers you an original idea for a date -CINEMA FOR TWO.

Movie date for two - this is nice surprise gift for a loved one, regardless of the occasion. We invite you to a cozy room where everything will be just for the two of you: your favorite movie, your favorite food and drinks, themed decor - of necessity.

You will no longer ask the question: "How to arrange a special date?, because isn't it special that the whole cinema hall belongs to you together?!

A session in the cinema for two will be great original gift on the The 14th of February or your little one anniversary relations.

In addition to the standard film library, we can offer you the broadcast of an individual video on the big screen. What could it be?

It can be a slideshow with your photos from the archive, and we can also show a video with your participation and even organize it filming beforehand. 

In addition to this, you can make an original marriage proposal. Imagine that you are in cinema for two, your favorite movie is on, which is interrupted by a video with your declaration of love and marriage proposal. After that, live music appears in the cinema hall: a saxophonist or a violinist, and our assistant gives you a bouquet and a small box with such a treasured and such a unique decoration for every woman.

Is it not good idea for an original act in the name of love?

Our team of experienced organizers will take care of all the technical details romantic evening at the cinema for two in Kharkovgiving you the opportunity to enjoy vacation for two without worries.

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