Hot air balloon flight

Agency of original gifts and deeds offers you, together with your soul mate, a good friend or, perhaps, a beloved relative, to plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere and conquer the expanses of heaven in a hot air balloon.

Surprise balloon flight - an original idea for congratulations a dear and close person who loves vivid emotions and impressions.

Or maybe it was just your dream and when assistance of the Pro100 Event Agency she can become a reality.

If you have been dreaming of climbing to a height and feeling a light wind in your hair since childhood, hot air balloon flight - this is exactly what you need. Together with the pilot, you will rise into the sky to feel a storm of emotions, enjoy the scenery and feel lightness.

Hot air balloon flight can be a good gift for a dreamer friend. Emotions that the owner of such original gift - simply unforgettable.

During the flight, there is only 1 passenger in the cockpit and an experienced pilot who controls the aircraft. Be sure that professionals in their field will work to fulfill your dream or the dream of a person close to you, regardless of the occasion. The balloon is one of the most reliable and safe aircraft and "Pro100 Event Agency" will do everything possible to ensure that your surprise gift is as interesting and comfortable as possible.

Balloon - flight in the company

Have you ever wanted to take to the air with your friends and feel like real travel heroes?

Hot air balloon flight - an original idea for a holiday in a small company the closest. Organize a party for a small number of people – sometimes it is much more difficult than holding large-scale events in Kharkov and Ukraine.

Also, if you want to hot air balloon price was a little lower, we can choose for you or for the person to whom you give the emotion, the company with which the flight will take place.

Additional services for organizing and conducting hot air balloon flight

What do you think about when you do something unusual? Of course, that it will never be forgotten, but it's not like that.

Time passes and even the brightest emotions are erased from our memory. That's why event agency additionally offers photo and video services.

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