Do you want to be original and find a way to congratulate people dear to your heart in an unusual way?

Let the whole city know about it. Our agency that deals with preparation and organization of original gifts and deeds, offers you a service that will definitely be able to surprise a girl on her birthday, mum on an anniversary or to please colleagues on a professional holiday.

Congratulations on a billboard in Kharkov - this is an opportunity to say words of gratitude or love to a person and be sure that they will notice it.  Congratulatory bigboard Is a unique way to show your respect to the whole city. "Pro100 Event Agency»Based on his many years of experience in organizing and holding events, he can safely say that the effect will be overwhelming.

For what reasons is the bigboard congratulation suitable?

Of course, you don't need a reason to surprise your family, but such an original act will have a special effect if your girlfriend, husband or mother gets original congratulationswhile everyone else just gets greeting cards or flowers.

Our designer will make a layout congratulations on the billboard for Birthday, Valentine's Day, with a wedding day or with the birth of a baby. Our experts will advise you on placement of a bigboard in Kharkiv, the price of which can be selected depending on your budget and, of course, your imagination.

How to place congratulations on a billboard?

In order to prepare an original greeting, you need to go through several stages. First of all, you contact us at the event agency with a request to post a congratulation. Event managers select a billboard according to your request: it is important that the greeting billboard is located in places where the addressee can easily notice it. It could be the drive to work or your favorite shopping mall. Can pick up a congratulatory bigboard in the immediate vicinity of the home of the person to whom such original way of congratulations.

After the selection of the placement, work on the layout begins: you need to send us the source materials for our designer to design "giant greeting card". We agree with you electronically how it will be look like a billboard and install it on schedule. Of course, we will provide you with a photo report. What's next?

And then you enjoy the effect of such an unusual gift. Be sure - this congratulation will definitely not be forgotten and will not be missed.

To tell you how much does it cost to hang a bigboard, we need to know in advance the location of the desired placement, as well as the complexity of making the layout. Book a billboard best of all about a month before the desired landmark date. So you will be sure that you can choose the best place, and our managers will be happy to help you with this.

Order congratulations on the bigboard you can call +38 (067) 5712-220 +38 (066) 1153-161 +38 (063) 3333-593 or leave a request on the site.

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