Is it easy to surprise your soul mate original date? Together with the agency dealing with organization and holding of unusual festive and solemn events "Pro100 Event Agency" it's not that hard. Our staff will help with the implementation romantic date ideas or surprise gift of any complexity.

If you want to arrange candlelight dinner under the stars, but on the street, for example, in February, we will be able to realize even such a seemingly unrealistic dream.

A date at the planetarium is a special gift for loved ones

Specialists event agencies in Kharkov help you to conduct date at the planetarium, which neither you nor your significant other will forget for a very long time. Conduct a truly cosmic date under the stars - this is original idea for a gift-act to a loved one... Thanks to the special atmosphere that prevails during a date in the Kharkov Planetarium, you will definitely be able to give something special. Such congratulations on your birthday, wedding anniversary or anniversary will definitely not pass unnoticed.

Romantic date at the planetarium - this is an opportunity for a couple to be alone, to enjoy each other in private and to feel coition with space. Meeting under the planetarium dome is a way to get away from the routine, make changes to standard walking routes and places for dating in Kharkov.

A date at the planetarium is an interesting idea for a marriage proposal. Walking through the galaxy, you cannot help but feel the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere, experience a surge of emotions, and feel excitement. Moments like these are great for surprise a loved one and propose to him.

More options for a dream date

Coordinators and organizers aboutoriginal gifts and deeds will help lovers with the design and decoration of a place for a date, table setting and the selection of additional services.

"Pro100 Event Agency" will be able to help you decide on the musical accompaniment for the evening for two. Well-chosen music is one of the keys to a successful date.

The price of a date in the Kharkiv planetarium

The cost of organizing an evening under the starry sky largely depends on your wishes. You can clarify the prices from our managers by phone numbers indicated on the website. Attentive and caring employees of our company holding events in Ukraine will help you choose the best option according to your wishes regarding the gift.

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