Date at the Theater

Organizing a date on the rooftop or making an offer in the open air - this will not surprise modern girls for a long time!

If you are looking for a way to make an original surprise for your second half - we have a great way for you! Simply Event proposes to have dinner for two at the theater. Yes, it didn't seem to you, we can organize an original date at any location - even on the stage of a real theater!

Why book an original date at the theater?

A romantic dinner for two in honor of an anniversary or Valentine's Day on the stage of the theater is an event that you will definitely not be able to forget. For you, our event managers will write a unique story and create an atmosphere that will highlight your reason or create the mood for a declaration of love.

  • Unique dating concept. Dinner in a restaurant is a form of leisure that has become boring for many. But a date in the theater is something new, unusual, and such a surprise guarantees a wow effect!
  • Chamber and creative atmosphere. The theater stage is a sacred place where art is born. And we are sure that such an atmosphere contributes to the creation of a special mood between the couple.
  • The ability to create your own story. You can organize an original date on the stage according to a unique scenario that our scriptwriter will write only for your couple: the actors will act out a scene of your acquaintance or play funny scenes from your life. The entourage of a theatrical date can be supplemented with a dance performance or a performance by musicians.

In order for you to remember the date at the theater in Kharkov in detail, we can offer a photo and video of a romantic dinner. Believe me, no one else has such a love story!

How is the date from the Pro100 Event going?

Organizing an event for Just Event is a passion. Therefore, we approach each event with heart: we think over all the little things, take into account the details and wishes, calculate all the options for the development of events.

  • Meeting of the couple. We think over the moment of your meeting: what kind of music will be, if it will be. Where exactly will you meet: at the entrance to the theater or the girl will be taken to the table with her eyes closed.
  • Dinner. In order to create the necessary atmosphere and mood, we will also select a menu for a date, arrange a table and select a decor.
  • The climax. As with every holiday, a date in the theater should have its own culmination: if you are planning to organize a proposal in the theater, this will be a great final chord. If you just want to surprise a girl or a guy with an unusual approach to dating, the culmination can be an artist's performance or your invitation to dance to live music.

If you have not yet decided on the format of an unusual date, call us and together we will find the formula for an ideal event for two.

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