Ideas have already run out, how to say congratulations in an original way?
We have an offer for you - let's shoot a video greeting!

Original congratulatory video - this is actually an unlimited field for fantasy. You will be surprised how many original ideas for congratulations in video format we have in our arsenal.

In what format can I shoot a video-congratulation?

You can not only record a video greeting, but also to make a whole film about the birthday man or the company to which the congratulation is addressed.

In addition to this, our event agency in Kharkov offers video filming services. It can be a parody of your favorite or special song. You can record a touching congratulation for dad or husband, a humorous video for friends.

We will help you with writing lyrics for the song, selecting props, locations, as well as a team of videographers. Due to the fact that a whole team of professionals will work on your congratulations, it will definitely become an original act at the holiday.

In which case is it better to record a video greeting?

special reasons to film a video, in which you congratulate your loved ones and relatives, you do not need to look. Can happy birthday original or Happy Valentine's Day. Your toast at the wedding, said in such an unusual form, will definitely surprise all the guests of the event.

Certainly, original video will be a great idea if you do not have the opportunity to congratulate the hero of the occasion on the event in person. Event managers will help you with ideas on how to make it even more touching: for example, make a video not only with your congratulatory speech, but also add a photo or video with memories of the sweetest moments to it.

Such small films always evoke a lot of emotions in guests. Some can't even stop crying.

And for those who love romance and are looking for an original way to confess their love or propose, we have a special idea for an original act. Together with you we will help record a video confession or video congratulations for that same person and show him on the biggest screens in the city.

Imagine you are walking through a shopping center and your confession video plays on all screens at the same time. While your bride is in a pleasant shock, you can gather your thoughts and get that very cherished box. In addition, in addition to such an enchanting recognition, you can order musicians or artists who will create an incredible performance that your companion definitely does not expect.

How do you like idea for an original act? And that's not all it has to offer."Pro100 Event Agency". If you want to know more - we are waiting for you for a consultation. Dare to go beyond the usual.

congratulations video cost or prank clip depends on the scenario and the level of complexity of the organization of the filming process.

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