The entire planet is captured by a photo boom! We want to capture all the bright moments of our life, the most beautiful views, children, animals, nature and even food. And during festive events, guests do not let their cameras and smartphones out of their hands! That is why it became so popular mobile darkroom from Pro100 Event Agency. We do instant photomagnetsthat will remind you of the holiday for years to come.

How is the instant production of photomagnets

At the wedding, Birthday, corporate party or other festive event a professional photographer is working. He chooses a spectacular location, suggests funny or, conversely, beautiful poses, takes a photo and sends it for processing. The post-processing wizard brings the picture to perfection, adds text or a frame as you wish. Then we do instant photomagnets any size: from 7x10 cm to 20x30 cm. The larger the magnet, the more joyful emotions your guests have!

We produce quality instant photomagnets in Kharkov with high quality printing. Even large pictures hold well on a refrigerator or magnetic board. Everyone photomagnet will remind you of the happy moments of the holiday. Why not turn collecting them into a new hobby ?!

How much does it cost to instantly print photos at an event

At Pro100 Event Agency you can order magnets with photo at a reasonable price:

mobile photo laboratory for the manufacture of photomagnets + assistant — 1500 UAH;

small photomagnet 7 x 10 cm.
40 UAH

large magnets with a photo 10 x 15 cm.
80 UAH

Mobile photo laboratory in Kharkov does not require much space. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The main thing is access to an electrical outlet. Just a moment - and instant magnets with photo in the hands of your happy guests! And if you add branding, the photo will also acquire an advertising character.

Instant production of magnets for the holiday - a wonderful memorable souvenir and a pleasant surprise for guests. Tell us about your party, and we will calculate the cost and tell you about printing photomagnets at the event in all the details.

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