“Hello, does citizen Ivanov live here? He has a summons from the army! " - words that can excite anyone, even the most courageous man. We propose to organize a rally with the military, from which the hero of the occasion will definitely have vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions. Our event agency offers you professional draw script for any occasion.

For whom is the rally about the army suitable?

First of all, of course, it's worth noting that a prank with the military is a prank for men. In honor of the day of the defender of the fatherland or the day of military forces, timed to Birthday or for a promotion - this rally is suitable for all men from 18 to 45 years old. Be sure that thanks to the "Pro100 Event" even the person who knows everything about the army will not guess until the last that he is taking part in the drawing.

  • We select authentic costumes
  • We think over the script of the draw in detail
  • We are working on several schemes for the development of the action
  • Get to know the habits and character of the hero in advance
  • We use our many years of experience to make your project successful.

Believe me, thanks to the fact that we know exactly how to organize a joke for a friend, colleague or husband with high quality and taste, your holiday will be special. Such an original congratulation gift will definitely not be forgotten soon.

What is the scenario of the rally with the army?

Representatives of the military registration and enlistment office call at the door of the culprit. People who are specially dressed in military uniforms and know exactly the script. They announce to the birthday man that they have been looking for him for a long time and have finally found him, and now he must come to the service. He has only 20 minutes to get ready.

It is important to note here that it is best not to warn all family members about the draw in Kharkov. Not everyone can hold back their laughter and act out the right reactions. But if you are worried that the wife or girlfriend of the culprit will become overly emotional, it is better to warn her. In addition, if someone from the household is in the know, he will be able to install a hidden camera at home. Thanks to this, you can then watch the brightest moments of the drawing.

What happens next? There may be several options. The most traditional of them - friends and family members are already waiting near the entrance of the birthday man, who will announce to him that it was all a joke. Or we can extend the game a little and take your husband, colleague or friend in a special car, for example, to a restaurant or cafe, where the whole essence of what is happening will be revealed.

The final of the drawing is limited only by the fantasy and the level of emotionality of the object of the drawing. If you want to develop a richer and more original script for a draw in Kharkov, call our event agency and we will show you how to do everything correctly, efficiently and professionally.

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