Have you ever been in a dangerous situation that makes your blood run cold?

If the birthday boy loves exciting shootouts or looks at the chase with delight, why not prank him by turning his favorite films into reality?!

We offer to experience the thrill together with the event agency Pro100 Event Agency. We promise you will love it! The original drawing, in which the birthday boy will take part, is that special story that he will tell about for a very long time.

For each draw, the event agency in Kharkiv creates a unique scenario, selects locations and actors. And for the prank action movie, there are also stuntmen and special effects.

What could be an action prank scenario?

The essence of the idea is the transformation of reality into a war zone. Or, at will, to the scene of a real criminal offense. We can offer you just a huge number of options on how to play a friend, brother or girlfriend.

They may get into a gunfight or witness a sniper kill. It is possible that terrorists will attack the office where the birthday boy works and capture his secretary. Or maybe himself? What strategy will the hero of the prank choose - to save himself, save loved ones, or try to stay away? Be sure - the intensity of emotions and passions are guaranteed.

Organizing a rally in Kharkov with the participation of militants or representatives of other law enforcement agencies is not so easy. Therefore, if you are planning to order services like that from an event agency, think about it in advance.

How much does a professional draw cost?

The price of a well-organized drawing, like any event, depends on how difficult it is to implement. You can voice the amount that you plan to spend on an original gift. Our managers will offer you the best options.

Or we can do the opposite: Pro100 Event Agency will prepare several possible options for a draw with a miscalculation, and you will choose the best for yourself.

Is it safe?

We always try to take care of the health and safety of our customers. Organizing extreme draws, we approach as responsibly as possible to think over scenarios and options for the development of events. Of course, before organizing a draw with an imitation of a capture, a shot or a kill, we try to inquire about the health of the hero.

Be calm, no one will get hurt during the prank, and moreover, they will laugh out loud. We will apply maximum imagination!

We are always happy to advise you and find the best way to congratulate or surprise your loved ones. Call us on the numbers on this site, come to the office for a consultation or leave a request. All this will take you one step closer to the perfect holiday.

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