Is there anything nicer than a subtle melody ... a drill and a jackhammer behind the wall?

Renovation is something that everyone and always "loves", and if it still starts suddenly and you did not plan it at all ... could there be a better surprise?

Event agency in Kharkov proposes to organize drawing with the participation of the heroes of "Our Russia" - Dzhamshut and Ravshan.

Giveaway with repairmen - an original way to congratulate the boss or celebrate a housewarming. At the most unexpected moment, charismatic and cheerful guys will come to visit the hero of the occasion, wanting to urgently re-glue the wallpaper, change the plumbing and repair everything that even works well without them.

Raffle with migrant workers well suited for those people who are finishing repairs or just planning to take on it. In this case original congratulations until the last will remain a secret and the rally will be as close to reality as possible.

What does the rally with Ravshan and Dzhamshut look like?

Very often, clients of event agencies are worried about what the draw will look like? What mechanism holding a surprise and will it work out for sure?

Pro100 Event Agency - this is many years of experience in creating holidays and original greetings.

We have dozens of drawings behind us, hundreds of corporate events and weddings, thousands of happy smiles. We know exactly how hold a birthday drawing or how surprise colleagues on a professional holiday.

Mechanism of drawing with builders simple: at the time agreed in advance with the customer, builders come to the birthday man, as much as possible reminiscent of sensational heroes. Ravshan and Dzhamshut put their own order and arrange a complete construction (of course, within the framework agreed with the customer).

Event agency selects the highest quality actors who play the role of migrant workers... Rest assured, these guys will be able to evoke emotion in anyone, even the most stable object of the draw.

How to order the "Ramshan and Dzhamshut" drawing?

In order to prank a boss or colleagueso that surprise your favorite friends or original joke on relatives, you just need to fill out an application on the website or call us at the holiday agency by phone on the website Pro100 Event Agency.

You leave a request, preferably marked “organization of draws Kharkiv","drawing of Ravshan and Dzhamshut»Or any other close to the subject of your request, so that it would be easier for our managers to determine which specialist in organizing and preparing events to send you to.

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