You ruined my whole life, motherfucker!

Draws usually begin with such words, but in our agency for organizing events in Kharkov, everything is possible. A new format of congratulations that will be remembered by everyone and most importantly - no one knows how it will all end!

Your colleague has a birthday and you no longer know how to surprise your spoiled partner? And let's look at his lover's light! Maybe the former, maybe the real one. Who knows what this sly one is hiding!

A mistress can come to the office and throw a scandal or visit a company in a restaurant just in time for a banquet. What will be the scenario depends only on our imagination?

Why is a prank with a mistress never trite?

Here the answer is very simple. No matter how we write scenarios and play options, it’s still something new every time. It is simply unrealistic to predict the reaction of the hero of the draw. How will he act? What will he say? Embarrassed or angry? And what will the wife say to the draw with her mistress?

Let's be honest, if things go so-so in a couple, it's better to choose another variant of the draw. By organizing a prank in Kharkov with the participation of a dummy mistress, we cannot vouch for where this joke will lead. Therefore, a mandatory condition for the draw is the presence of a good, strong sense of humor on all its sides.

Reason for the draw: what is it?

It is not difficult to pick up a reason to test the strength of the nerves of the birthday man. The best option is a man's birthday. The indignant lover hurries to “congratulate” her man and express all the warmest congratulations to him.

For the most daring, you can play after a bachelor party or on a wedding anniversary. Should I warn the hero's chosen one about this? The choice is yours, but if you are worried about the integrity and safety of your friend and comrade, it is better to take care of him and the nerves of his lady of the heart.

We offer the development of drawings from the beginning to the full implementation. Pro100 Event Agency Kharkiv is a place where they create unique emotions and events that you want to talk about. We accompany our clients from the birth of an idea to photographs together with the culprit of the prank. If you fell into the hands of specialists, our event agency in Kharkov will create for you something that you could not even think of before.

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