How often appearances can be deceiving ... especially if you take part in organizing jokes! If you do not know how to congratulate your boss on his birthday or professional holiday, we have a solution to your problem - the author's drawing in Kharkov "Psycho at an interview".

This prank is perfect for anyone who frequently hires or interviews employees. For the most part, these people already know how to read through potential employees, but only if this is not a prank from Just Event Egency.

  • Development of a unique scenario
  • Field studies
  • Professional actors
  • Lottery logistics
  • 99% guarantee of a successful result
  • Solving all difficulties and questions arising during the implementation

We carefully prepare for each original drawing, which means that we have almost no chance of being exposed.

The idea for congratulations in the form of a drawing is not new, but we always strive to add a "flavor" and offer unusual scenarios for your event.

For example, a prank for a boss or a colleague is a story about a job seeker trying to get a job at a firm. At first, everything goes as usual, but gradually he starts to get nervous and behave a little aggressively. For example, he breaks a pen, raises his voice, knocks loudly on the table. Of course, after every mistake, he apologizes and refers to his former boss, who will definitely give him a recommendation.

After a couple of calls, in response to which one can hear obscene language in the direction of the candidate, one of the former bosses asks to speak personally with the person being played. A whisper is heard in the receiver:

“Andrei Andreevich, don't show it. You and your employees are in danger. Be careful, this person is extremely dangerous and aggressive. Do not make sudden movements. Nod and smile. Let's try to get him out of the building together. "

Well, further, as in blockbusters, different things can begin ... development scenarios - an absolute set. It all depends on the level of stress tolerance of the boss and your willingness to make fun of him.

Why original greetings are always remembered:

  • These are unusual emotions
  • Sharp impressions
  • A gift that does not repeat itself
  • This is done from the heart

As practice shows, if you apply your imagination to organizing congratulations, looking for a way to surprise your loved ones, picking up a non-standard gift or surprise - all this turns out more sincerely and pleasantly than even the most expensive gift.

Conducting sweepstakes in Kharkov is what we can and want to help you with. After all, our most important task is your happy smiles!

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