Usually they do not joke with them ... But in the agency for organizing events and supporting events "Pro100 Event Agency" nothing is impossible. Prank with the police - this is what will make your event or event on 100% brighter and more dynamic.

Organize a raffle with the participation of the police in Kharkiv  Is a rather difficult and interesting task, since in order to original draw took place, it should look as realistic as possible. And the one who is being played should never guess that he was being played.

Police prank script

How can you come up with a script for a draw? Of course, first of all, starting from the habits, gender, age, profession of the player being played and, of course, depending on the reason for the draw. If you decide prank driver friend, then funny stories will happen to him on the road.

If you decide surprise a friend at work or bride before the wedding, then an unusual prank for a woman will become police arrest... and then an incendiary or sexy dance performed by men in police costumes.

Agree, such original act the culprit will remember for a long time. Regardless of whether it was a birthday present, to celebrate an anniversary, or maybe in honor of business success.

Why is it better to order the organization of the drawing in an event agency?

Practical jokes with the participation of the police may have a lot "pitfalls". First of all, it should be understood that drawing with the participation of civil servants, or at least people police-like, may not be very popular with real law enforcement officers.

In addition, not all actors are able to get used to such a role. We work with trusted contractors, so we can guarantee a quality draw.

Also, you will need to pre-register the script and provide many options for the development of the draw... After all, we all behave differently in stressful situations.

This and much more makes it clear that in order to organize a professional draw, it is better to turn to professionals.

Just Event invites you to advice on organizing original draws, deeds and gifts. Together we will make the life of your loved ones brighter!

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