Your boss is used to communicate with journalists? Do you think that nothing will surprise him and draw with journalists - is that something he definitely won't believe?

The agency for organizing events in Kharkov assures us that we are able to organize a drawing of any complexity and for any reason: birthday surprise, a gift for the new year or corporate draw in honor of the anniversary of the company? Nothing is impossible for our specialists!

The script of the draw with journalists in Kharkov

Press draw options there may be many. For example, a film crew comes to your boss to interview about how he managed to build a successful business, what plans the company has for the next year ... and at that moment pest controllers burst into the office and found especially dangerous infected insects just in your office.

Or inspection services we decided to check the state of the documents one by one. I wonder how the boss can get out in such a delicate situation?

Draw with journalists for a girl - a variant of a romantic congratulation for your beloved. Your girlfriend or spouse is stopped on the street by journalists, recognizing her as the most beautiful girl in the city. Or a friend becomes the hero of a news release, as the owner of a unique date of birth.

How to prank friends in Kharkov? We will find hundreds of answers to this question, as soon as we pose a problem.

How much does it cost to organize a draw?

Organization of the draw  - the process is laborious. The price of the draw with journalists may depend on many factors - the number of people involved, the complexity script for drawing, as well as the time to prepare the event. After all, even the best event agency needs time to implement original gifts and surprises.

On Birthday, New Year or even April 1st - we always guarantee the most correct price-quality ratio. The cost of services of an event agency - this is your opportunity to save yourself the hassle and nerves during organizing an original holiday.

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