Do you believe in fate?

No, our event agency in Kharkiv does not offer you the services of a professional fortune-teller, and we will not tell you everything about you by coffee grounds. Our profile is completely different: organization and holding of non-standard draws for your friends and loved ones. And one of the new options to play a trick on those you love and whom you don’t want to give a card and a set of cups - organize a prank involving a gypsy?

What will happen?

Our hero leaves the house or office and meets a stubborn gypsy fortune teller. She asks to gild the pen in gratitude for what. She will tell the whole fate of him: past, present and future. How do we usually react to such people? Most of us hurry to pass by, muttering something in response.

The gypsy is indignant and "sends 33 misfortunes" to our played. And the most interesting thing is that later on throughout the day they begin to come true: either at work there is a check, then homeless people sit around the car, then in the store someone will try to cheat you. Such coincidences will not leave indifferent even the most calm and stable person. That is why a prank with a fortune teller is a variant of the original congratulations for the most skeptical friends.

What is the peculiarity of the rally with a gypsy?

The biggest highlight of this prank is that even someone who doesn't usually believe in such things will believe in it. Why? Yes, because the gypsy will tell him everything about his life. And even call his name! How? It's very simple - you tell us! Together with you, we will prepare in advance for all the intricacies of this event, find out all the information in detail so that the gypsy is aware of the little things that are just so hard to guess: name, company name, names of friends.

If you are concerned about the information we receive from you. Don't be afraid - everything is confidential. During our work on the organization of drawings in Kharkiv, there were different things, but always what our clients want to keep secret remains that way.

To answer this question, you need to calculate the cost of writing a script, maintaining, coordinating and organizing a draw. It is also worth considering the cost of the necessary props and hired actors or animators. The cost of the drawing depends on how large and spectacular this congratulation will look.

Our managers are already ready to calculate the price for the draw in Kharkiv today.

We value our reputation and see our mission, as the best event agency in the city, to give you a smile and a good mood. If you have any questions for us, we are always happy to answer, advise, help and tell you everything about how to make your holiday special! We are waiting for your visit!

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