Do you like gays? The question is, of course, a provocative one. But regardless of your attitude towards them on this day, they will love you. Well, or rather, the person you decide to play.

Giveaway involving homosexuals can become an original surprise that will be remembered by the birthday boy for a long time. Regardless of our attitude towards members of sexual minorities, most of us feel embarrassed or confused seeing such couples. What if such couples will catch the eye of the birthday boy all day long and even make him a couple of indecent proposals?

I wonder how he will react? Tolerance is above all else, or resentment will fall on them. Or maybe you will learn something new about your friend and his passion for experimentation?

Organize a raffle with gays in Kharkiv - this is definitely to surprise everyone. Any holiday will become 300% percent more unpredictable and more unusual if you allow yourself to go beyond the usual birthday or wedding congratulations.

Unusual reason for pranking with gays

They say that you don't need to look for reasons to be happy. The same is true for practical jokes, there is no need to look for excuses - surprise when no one is expected of you. Raffle in honor of ... Saturday... What is not a reason organize an original surprise for a friendwhich worked?

Or maybe you decide play the groom... There is very little of his single life left ... and what if he decides to change his mind? (Hopefully not) Maybe prank involving homosexuals will be the beginning of a cool bachelor party, where the groom can relax and express everything he thinks about his friends.

Or maybe your boss is interviewing for a new high-paying job. What if the contenders for her become a couple of gays, who make a scandal just in the office of the company. What will the boss do? How will it all end? We love pranks with an unexpected ending.

In order to order a study of the original drawing script you need to contact our consultants and leave a request. we we will develop a unique concept of drawing a birthday boy, groom or friend... Years of experience in holding large-scale and private events allows our specialists to get into your requirements as clearly as possible and please the client.

How to order the "Ramshan and Dzhamshut" drawing?

In order to prank a boss or colleagueso that surprise your favorite friends or original joke on relatives, you just need to fill out an application on the website or call us at the holiday agency by phone on the website Pro100 Event Agency.

You leave a request, preferably marked “organization of draws Kharkiv","drawing of Ravshan and Dzhamshut»Or any other close to the subject of your request, so that it would be easier for our managers to determine which specialist in organizing and preparing events to send you to.

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