A treat for guests regardless of their age and hobbies - Candy bar for the event!

A couple of years ago, such an idea for a buffet table was something modern - now it is almost a classic version of greeting visitors to your event - be it a wedding reception or a corporate exhibition.

Order a children's candy bar or a candy bar for a corporate party, arrange a branded area with sweets for a presentation or conference - you will find all these services in our assortment!

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A universal solution for your event - candy bar!

  • A candy bar can become not only a place where children can taste a wide variety of goodies, but also a full-fledged element of a story created for your child: a candy bar in the style of Disney princesses - Rapunzel or the Little Mermaids, a superhero candy bar or a ninja turtles theme! Simply Event embodies the most daring childhood dreams and ideas!
  • A wedding candy bar is a zone of increased romance and the finest tastes! Our decorators and confectioners will be able to successfully emphasize the concept of your event or reflect the color scheme of the wedding with the help of a dandy bar.
  • Candy bar for a corporate party - for a large company, small sweet treats will be a great way to entertain yourself while waiting for the start of the official part or a bright final accent.
  • A branded zone with sweets will attract the attention of customers and potential partners at an exhibition or conference.

Whatever the format and scale of your holiday, we will select a thematic and even conceptual solution for your event.

Candy bar from Prosto Event is not just a buffet area - it is a full-fledged element of the history of your event!

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Benefits of a candy bar

Ordering a candy bar in Kharkiv as an alternative to traditional buffets will be an excellent solution for those who love an integrated approach to organizing events:

  • Decoration of the event: modern desserts are a work of art. Even if you do not pay special attention to the decor of the zone, it will still complement the atmosphere and become a decoration of any room.
  • Photo zone. Sharing pictures from the event is sometimes vital) Candy Bar can be a great photo zone for all hunters for the best angles!
  • Variety of flavors: pp-desserts, mousse or cream, with chocolate or fruit. Everyone will find something for themselves.

To learn more about formats, go to the dedicated section on a specific topic. The price of a pastry bar will depend on the complexity of the dishes, their quantity, as well as the scale of the event.

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