A wedding is an event with so many details and features! This time we will analyze how to entertain guests during the gathering before the ceremony using the example of a wedding candy bar!

Who needs it?

You can introduce this cute and certainly tasty component of a wedding celebration into virtually any format of a wedding banquet. Best of all, a sweet table for a wedding is suitable for those couples who have such an element as an outdoor ceremony at the holiday.

Guests begin to gather in advance - an hour - forty minutes in advance and they will be pleased if you take care to brighten up their expectation. Thanks to a wide selection of varied treats, you can choose desserts for every taste: from creamy mousse to super chocolate, from light meringue to fruit cuts.

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Candy bar for a wedding: the main components

Of course, the first answer that comes to mind is a candy bar! Yes, of course it is, but there are a few other components that we'll clear6 are important to talk about as well. So, a candy bar is:

  • The location of the candy bar. It can be a table, a rack, a bar or even a wardrobe. It all depends on what style you have chosen for the wedding - if it is, for example, rustic, then a wooden rack will look cool. If the wedding is more classic, then your option is a table covered with a tablecloth. White or in other colors - depends on the idea.
  • Backdrop for candy bar. This is an important element of the sweet table at the wedding, which many people often forget about. Because of this, the overall impression may even deteriorate. Often a candy bar is used as an additional photo zone, and if you forget about the design of the backdrop, then most likely the effect will not be wow at all. For the backdrop of a wedding candy bar, you can use printed banners, wooden screens, or clear bead decor, for example.
  • Floristics and other design elements. Despite the fact that all treats look aesthetically pleasing, of course, this is not all. In order for the design of the wedding candy bar to be truly harmonious and complete, it is important to add flowers or any other decor elements to it that will connect your candy bar conceptually with the rest of the wedding.
  • The meals themselves. It is important that they also match the format or concept of the event. We at Prosto Event make sure that everything is at the highest level, and therefore even the color, shape and size of desserts matter.

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