Dessert for any format and for everyone regardless of age, tastes and habits.

A chocolate fountain for a holiday is a spectacular gourmet dessert to order that will not leave anyone indifferent! During a coffee break at an official event, for a corporate event, for a wedding - the chocolate fountain will organically fit into any atmosphere and will give a lot of emotions to all guests!

Types of chocolate fountain

Traditionally, dark chocolate is used for the preparation of this dessert: black or milk. Also, some service organizers and pastry chefs offer white chocolate fountains. The latter option is most in demand for organizing weddings in the classic style or in the Total-white format.

Special chocolate is used, with a high content of cocoa butter. This is due to the need to maintain its texture and fluidity.

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You can use different fillings for chocolate fondue. A chocolate fountain using berries or fruits will be lighter and more juicy. If you choose small pastries for fondue, then the treat will turn out to be more satisfying.

On the Pro100 Event website you can order a fountain made of milk, white or dark chocolate. Together with the chocolate fountain, a master chocolatier will arrive at the location, who will supervise the operation of the installation.

How to choose a chocolate fountain in Kharkov?

In order to understand which fountain you need, first of all, you should start from the number of guests at the holiday. Trust the experience of Just Event, everyone will want to try the treat - both adults and children, and those who are indifferent to sweets. After all, the chocolate waterfall is not just tasty, it is also very interesting. The very process of covering fruit or baking with a chocolate shell is fascinating and enthralling!

Chocolate fountain: price, height, required amount of chocolate and opening hours

A chocolate fountain is a dessert that can fit into virtually any event budget, as there are many variations and sizes of designs.

Our event managers will help you figure out what kind of dessert is needed and offer the best solution specifically for your event.

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  • The price of a chocolate fountain in Kharkiv may vary depending on the quality and quantity of raw materials, opening hours, as well as fruits or pastries used for the buffet table.
  • The size of the chocolate fountain can vary from 45 to 110 centimeters. A small fountain will fit well into a chamber event for up to 20 people, or will find its place at a wedding candy bar along with other sweets. A meter high chocolate fountain - for larger events or those events where there will no longer be a sweet table, except for this dessert.
  • The size of the loading of the fountain with chocolate depends on the number of guests. One structure can be loaded from 1 to 10 kilograms. If in the first case, such an amount is calculated for a small company, then a large fountain may be enough for a long time.
  • The duration of the chocolate fountain is not technically limited. That is, you can order a chocolate fountain for the whole day or for a couple of hours.

In general, the milk chocolate fountain in Kharkov is, on the one hand, a very simple, but at the same time, an interesting treat. It is popular at wedding receptions. If you want to order a chocolate fountain, the best place to stay is Pro100 Event Kharkiv.

Quality, timeliness and taste are indispensable characteristics of our bar and away kitchen.

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