Bright, eye-catching and the embodiment of solemnity at a wedding, birthday, corporate event or private party - this is, of course, a pyramid of glasses of champagne or cocktails.

Decorated with rose petals slide of glasses in several tiers - will become the center of gravity! Where many will want to capture themselves for a long memory in photos and videos.

The presence of a pyramid made of glasses at the celebration will not leave your guests unattended. And the process of cooling drinks with food-grade dry ice will delight everyone with a wonderful spectacle.

A pyramid of glasses, also called a cascade or a slide of glasses, is built on a special table with an LED glow or a cube with an illumination.

Thanks to the multi-colored glow of a special LED cube or table, which is transferred to a slide from glasses, the pyramid will make a unique effect on you and your guests and give an unforgettable experience. Filling the pyramid with champagne conveys the entire color palette of the rainbow. Spilling rapidly from top to bottom along the entire slide, tier by tier, fill each glass with radiance.

Show of filling a pyramid from glasses with champagne

Professional bartenders will turn the filling into an exciting show, seasoning it with their charm and charisma. Add a little dry ice special effect and the whole pyramid will be shrouded in smoke, which will add mystery and at the same time delight your guests. The pyramid can be decorated with rose petals, fruits, or cocktail cherries.

A wedding ceremony is simply impossible without a glass of champagne.

Company "Pro100 Event Agency»Organizes and makes an unusual serving of a drink in the shape of a pyramid from glasses, like no one else.

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