The smell of summer is in many ways the smell of grilled meat, vegetables and barbecued fish. You can’t deny yourself such delicious pleasures if you are planning an outdoor event.

To get rid of all the questions about preparing the menu and cooking - just contact us and we will arrange for you the best outdoor kitchen with a barbecue in Kharkov.

What is special about Pro100 Event?

Outdoor barbecue is a special kind of art. After all, in many respects it is delicious meat and fragrant vegetables that are what the guests came to the meeting place for. What is the peculiarity of the barbecue service in Kharkov, which we provide:

  • Prosto Event works only with the best contractors, so you can be sure of the quality and taste of the products. Our chef will cook all the dishes just in front of you and they will go straight from the fire to your tables.
  • We select a balanced menu and help you calculate the number of dishes you need for your company.
  • We have a large staff, so the barbecue service can be ordered both for a small family celebration and for a large-scale corporate party for 300 people. Nobody will be left hungry.
  • The range of dishes is virtually unlimited. We cook vegetables, fish, poultry, meat on the grill. At your request, we will help you roast a pig or a lamb on a spit. To order a barbecue in Kharkov with us is to get unlimited opportunities in the choice of dishes and consistently high-quality service.

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Barbecue in Kharkov - is it worth ordering for your event?

Many people worry about the quality of the food they are preparing, or that the dishes will be cold when they are served. We guarantee the quality of our services, because we know how important the catering component of the holiday is. Tasteless or cold food can spoil the impression of the entire event.

  • For a big company. It is best to order a barbecue in Kharkov for a corporate holiday or team building. Outdoor barbecue is a great solution for large-scale events outside the city, because it is hearty, always tasty and everyone can find something to their liking.
  • For outdoor recreation. If you are planning to celebrate a birthday or, for example, the second day of a wedding in nature, then an outdoor barbecue can be a great solution.
  • Informal meeting with partners or foreign colleagues. We all know that the best deals are made not at all in offices during many hours of meetings, but in an informal setting. Therefore, an outdoor barbecue can help you build relationships and set the stage for great things to happen.

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