Fitness Menu in Kharkov

The long-term trend that we at Prosto Event support 100% percent is a healthy lifestyle. And a significant component of an integrated approach to this issue is a healthy and balanced diet.

If your company or organization is also concerned about the health of its colleagues or guests, we suggest replacing the traditional off-site cuisine with a healthy on-site fitness menu.

What is the peculiarity of the fitness menu in Kharkov?

Food, specially created for people who care about their health, contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins, as well as the right ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

For the organization of catering with a fitness menu, only natural products, steamed or grilled, are used.

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  • Development of a complex menu according to the wishes of the customer: chefs can prepare both a fitness lunch or breakfast, as well as the right vegetable or fish snacks.
  • Delivery of the fitness menu to any location within the city and beyond.
  • Possibility of comprehensive servicing of outdoor events: a corporate event in Kharkiv, a seminar or a conference - for any format and scale, the event agency will be able to provide a set of really necessary services.
  • Packing with special individual boxes or serving in buffet table format.
  • The ability to book a banquet or buffet area, which will help increase the visibility of your identity and company.

Proper nutrition can be tasty and even very tasty! Before offering the service to our clients, we test the off-site kitchen and bar and believe me, the custom-made fitness menu will surprise you with its variety and satiety.

For what format of holidays is it better to order a fitness menu?

Healthy food catering is by far the best for events that promote a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Eg:

  • For seminars and lectures. Now many are interested in the issue of maintaining the body in good shape throughout life. If you decide to organize a seminar or lecture on this topic, it would be logical to provide an opportunity for event participants to have a tasty and healthy snack between classes in our on-site fitness bar.
  • For corporate events. For companies that are engaged in the production of goods or the provision of services for an active lifestyle, it will be natural to promote healthy eating within the team as well. Perhaps the best solution would be to combine traditional take-out catering with a fitness menu.
  • For sports events. Large-scale adult and children's sports events are always more people watching their diet. Organization of a fitness menu for athletes is a great way to show care from the organizers.

You can order a fitness menu in Kharkiv on the website and also, if you need advice on choosing an offsite bar or kitchen, about interactive or gaming areas, leave a request on the Pro100 Event website and our managers will help you solve any event task.

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