Exquisite treats at your holiday is one of the components of a quality event. Fresh and delicious appetizers at the buffet table at a wedding or conference coffee break can set the tone for the entire event. The organization of a field kitchen is one of the areas of work of the Prosto Event event agency and we offer the most diverse menu depending on the format, scale and theme of the event.

You can order delivery of a seafood plateau or canape with different types of fish for different events. For example, for a buffet table during a gathering of guests, amysbouche snacks with a glass of champagne are perfect.

For a men's holiday, you can order canapes with marinated fish, which are perfect for beer or spirits.

Among the positions of our menu for catering events on the go, you will find both familiar ingredients and completely gourmet dishes. The organization of catering on the road in Kharkiv must necessarily take into account the audience for which the menu is designed.

For a holiday where there will be a lot of older people or children, it is better to order more traditional snacks from salmon or salmon. Grilled shrimp or mussels will fit perfectly into this format.

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For the younger audience or those who like to experiment, treats of sea urchin, scallops or oriental-style savory appetizers are suitable. This format of treats will add zest to the holiday and give one more reason for the participants of the holiday to remember your event for a long time.

During presentations of high-end products, such as premium cars, jewelry or very expensive cosmetics, you can order an oyster bar with champagne as a treat. Such a light and at the same time noble snack will appeal to even the most sophisticated audience.

How much does it cost to order seafood for an event?

Organization of a holiday in Kharkiv, and in any city in the world, is a multicomponent task. The cost of the entire event, in general, and the catering menu in particular, will depend on the number of guests, the opening hours of the site and staff, additional services such as delivery, serving or decoration, for example, for the buffet area.

To find out the exact cost, you can contact our event managers for a miscalculation and they will prepare a detailed estimate for you.

You can order both turnkey events and a separate position for your event.

Seafood dishes to order are classified as delicacies, so their cost will be slightly higher than vegetable or fruit dishes. However, seafood food is a tasty and healthy treat that will give all the participants of the holiday a riot of flavors and gastronomic pleasure.

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