Bar counter - which is a work of art in itself?

“We’re probably talking about some very expensive tree,” you might think. But no, we at Simply Event create masterpieces from the simplest and most common materials. For example, from water. Don't believe me?

Just decide to order our ice bar in Kharkov for a holiday and you will see everything with your own eyes.

What's special about an ice bar?

We offer an amazing bar with cocktails for your holiday, which will be made from real ice. Yes, you can order a bar counter made of ice and it will be able not only to stand at your party, but to fully perform all the functions of a rental bar.

  • It is possible to manufacture an ice bar counter according to an individual design.
  • We provide all the technical design features to preserve the form and its functions.
  • You can order not only a stand of ice, but also ice glasses from which guests can safely drink their drinks.
  • An ideal solution for a New Year's corporate party or other winter holiday.

We will select the size, shape and design of the ice bar for you so that it matches the theme and idea of the holiday. You can place fruits, flowers and even decorative items inside your custom ice bar.

This is real magic for both children and adults.

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Additional options when ordering an ice bar

First of all, Pro100 Event is an agency for organizing events in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine, for which it is important to create holistic events and tell a story to its customers. Therefore, when ordering an ice bar, we can provide not only a full range of services for servicing this non-standard bar catering (installation and dismantling, bartender work, production of an ice structure according to an individual layout), but also create a full-fledged show with the participation of an ice bar counter.

You can choose from us and order animators for the holiday. These could be mimes, children's animators, or characters from your favorite films or cartoons. Our caring event managers will select heroes for your holiday who will help create the necessary atmosphere.

To ensure that your memories are reliably protected, we will select a professional photographer and videographer for you, offer an instant photo service or create a video sde. You can not only choose a separate off-site catering position, but also confidently entrust us with the organization of a turnkey event.

Still wondering what would be best for your event? Are you planning a summer corporate event and looking for a catering company? Are you organizing a wedding and want to add a little originality to it? We will help solve all these problems and do our best to make your event special.

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