Is it time to book a holiday? And what can be a holiday without treats, and, of course, drinks !?

Our agency offers bar catering and an off-site bar in Kharkov and throughout the country to make your holiday delicious! The advantage of the on-site bar is that it is not only a treat for guests, but also an element of decor and even, perhaps, an element of the show program.

The organization of the exit bar includes:

  • Delicious drinks depending on the theme of the holiday
  • Thematic decor and decoration
  • Workshops on making drinks
  • Bartender work at the event
  • Installation and dismantling of the bar

"Pro100 Event Agency" will specially select for you the freshest fruits for a lemonade or smoothie bar at an event, cool foam for a beer bar, and also provide healthy and nutritious drinks in a fresh bar or fitness bar.

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We will provide the highest quality service and deliver you everything for an off-site bar to your office, to a corporate party or to a wedding. It does not matter how many guests there will be, together with you we will calculate the required number of drinks and staff to service the bar. 20, 50 or 500 people - our catering service can handle any volume of work!

The exit bar is an opportunity to entertain guests during their gathering, make their leisure time more enjoyable or surprise with unexpected tastes.

The outbound bar in Kharkov from "Pro100 Event" is not only standard cocktails, it is also oxygen, and even molecular cocktails. Our out-of-the-box bar experts will help you keep cool in summer and warm in winter!

Here you will find something to surprise your guests or employees!

We are constantly expanding our assortment and strive to keep up with the times. Depending on the theme of the holiday and its season, we will select the latest drinks or snacks, as well as think over the design of the exit bar. Here you will find answers to all the questions that may arise when choosing an exit bar for a banquet and not only. In addition, we are confident that the key to success is the optimal price / quality ratio.

Therefore, if you want to order an exit bar, the price of which will correspond to the level of the product - fill out your application and we will make your holiday delicious!

The price of an offsite bar in Kharkov depends on the cost of ingredients for the bar, the duration of its operation, and the number of guests that will need to be served.

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