A children's holiday is an event that always requires special attention and a special approach. We at Prosto Event know that an event for children is not just fun contests and sweets, it is a small adventure into which each of the kids should plunge headlong, during which everyone will be interested, comfortable, tasty and, most importantly, useful. In order for children to drink only natural drinks at the holiday and get the maximum of vitamins and microelements, order an exit children's cocktail bar.

Birthday treat for kids

The question of how to organize a holiday for a child is one of the most difficult for parents, regardless of the age of the child. Indeed, at 5, 10 and 15, holding a birthday is completely different requests, tastes and desires.

It is especially important to please with the table and drinks, because we all know what kind of birthday drinks kids love - Coca-Cola, Sprite, in general, different “pops” that do not do any good.

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An exit cocktail bar for children in Kharkov is:

  • Natural ingredients for every drink. We use fresh fruits and berries, natural syrups and the purest water.
  • A wide range of recipes: lemonades, smoothies or milkshakes for children. You can choose the drinks your kids love the most or order multiple items from the menu so they have a choice.
  • Stylish area for a children's holiday. We always make sure that our offsite bar catering looks as much as possible in accordance with the theme and concept of the event. Also, you can additionally order the decor and decoration of the children's birthday as a whole or just the area with a children's bar.
  • Additional entertainment for all guests of the event. Our bartenders can demonstrate a real bartending show that will cause a wow effect.
  • Unusual photos and video reports from the holiday.

Is it possible to calculate the cost of offsite bar catering in Kharkiv for individuality?

At the Pro100 Event event agency, we strive for an individual approach to each client. That is why the price of an exit bar in Kharkov will be calculated for you, taking into account:

  • Catering hours for children's parties
  • Number of guests and drinks per person
  • Availability of additional show programs with the participation of a bartender

If you know for sure that you want to order an outdoor children's bar, but we did not answer any of your questions, leave your contacts and our managers will tell you all the details and help you find the best solution.
If you still don’t know which interactive areas for a children’s party to choose, what kids will like or are looking for advice on organizing a holiday for children, we will be glad to see you at our consultation.

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